Out of the Abyss

June 10 Sesh
Sloopladoop gets duped

After ending last session upon with a WOE on the prospect of encountering the sloopladoop gaurd on peaceful terms from Shushar's augary ability, we began under the outcropping with a new companion in the form of Rotok, played by Nate. After accepting that that was just athing that was going to be happening, we debated our options on what to do about approaching Sloopladoop. After realizing the train only had one station we decided to try our luck at the front gate. After our diplomatic approach was rebuffed we declared bird and cleaned up the trash. The last gaurd was Suggested to have a talk with Sid, which he obliged. We extracted a bunch of details about the recent changes in Sloopladoop. Traditionally, the Kua'Toa have one diety, the Sea Mother Blibdoolpoolp. Recently there was a change, a new god, the Deep Father Limigugun (or something like that) had gathered followers by granting some ill defined power to his followers. The city arch priest of the Sea Mother had lost his daughter to this faith when she became its leader as a competing arch priest. Soon, said arch priest of the Sea Mother appeared to give all of the same lore. Because of the detour the train had made, Mr. Priest wanted to end the civil war once and for all with our help by masquerading us as prisoners to the best party in the city, the sacrifice party! Said party quickly kicked into high gear and bird was declared. We all picked a dance partner and kicked it into high gear. Sid's dance partner was a Duergar and decided to join the group for future parties. Rotok, Tarkin, and Thomas all danced too hard with their dance partner and she died, causing the Deep Father to reveal himself and ask for the music to be turned down because it was geting a bit loud and he was trying to sleep. Actually he was a demon that was between 30 feet and 30 stories, the Demogorgon (though i dont know if that is supposed to be known in game). We high tailed it out of there through the north of the city because going by water was literally impossible. We headed to Blinkinstone as our next destination and Sid defeated an Umber Hulk in single combat. Also we leveled up.

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